namespace c=candle:core, io=candle:io; function nil:get-param(qstr, param-name) as string { let tail = substring-after(qstr, param-name + "=") return if (contain(tail, "&")) then substring-before(tail, "&") else tail } function main(req) { let url = trim(req/@io:url); let qstr = substring-after(url, "?"); let script-name = nil:get-param(qstr, "csp"); let input-name = nil:get-param(qstr, "input"); "Candle Demo - Online Query Editor"

"Candle"" Online Query Editor"

  • "In this online editor, you can only try out Candle functions. Candle methods are not allowed."
  • "The ""input document"" is passed as the argument to the main function."
  • "You can editor the ""script"" in the textarea below, and click the ""Edit and Click Me button"" to see the ""result""."
  • "If your ""input document"" or ""script"" contains error, it will be shown in the ""Error"" tab."
"Input document: "
"Your query script: " "(functions only)"
!! cannot put the result panel in the same table as the inputs, Firefox will expand the content instead of scroll the content
"Your result: "